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About BGCS...

    BG Computer Solutions L.L.C. (BGCS) provides computer and network help for residential customers and small businesses in the local northern New Jersey area.

    Do you need help with your computer, phone or tablet?   Would you like a better wireless network?   Are you concerned about spyware/viruses/malware?   BGCS can help!

    BGCS can put some zip back into your sluggish computers; find the cause of and resolve the errors and problems you are experiencing; install new systems and upgrades; provide valuable advice; and much more!

BGCS Comes To You...

    Your time is valuable.   Why call someone else, just to wait on hold for bad customer service and poor technical support?   BGCS will provide professional, timely service at your home or office.

Online Shopping Safety Tips...
    Is shopping online "safe"?   For the most part, the answer is yes, as long as you take some precautions and use common sense.   While there are no guarantees, the following tips will help make your online shopping experience much "safer".
    Updates.   Your computer should have the latest operating system & security updates installed and be free of spyware & viruses.. READ MORE


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