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Home / Residential Services

General PC Maintenance - Is your Computer Running Slow?
- Spyware / Adware / Virus Removal
- Backups - Don't wait until it's too late!
- Stop (and prevent from starting) unnecessary services / programs

New Installations and Upgrades - Need Help With a New Purchase?
- New Computer or Peripheral
- New Program or Operating System
- Add / Replace PC Components (Memory, Hard Drive, Video Card, Printer, etc)
- Install Operating System Updates & Security Patches

Networks: Wired or Wireless - Get Connected!
- Share High-Speed Internet Access
- Share Files Between 2 or More Computers
- Print to 1 Printer From 2 or More Computers
- New Wireless Network Installation
- Secure Existing Wireless Networks
- Troubleshoot Network Problems

Troubleshooting - Something Isn't Right!
- General Hardware, Software, and Network Troubleshooting

Training - Learn to be More Productive!
- Software Training: MS Office Suite
- Internet Training: Basic Email, Web Surfing, Web Page Creation

Note: The above services are just a sample of what BGCS can do for you, please inquire about anything that is not listed above.
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