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New Computer Notes
  • An Intel Pentium 4 Processor is recommended.   A Celeron processor may save you money in the short term, however may cost you more long term.

  • 256MB RAM is a bare minimum.   (384+ is recommended for home users; 512+ is recommended for business users).

  • Windows XP Home Edition is sufficient for most home computers, though "power users" may wish to use the Professional edition.

  • Windows XP Professional Edition should be considered necessary for the vast majority of business computers.

  • If you know you will need MS Office, it is much less expensive to purchase with a new computer.

  • Many new computers do not ship with a 1.44MB floppy disk drive.   You may have to add this to the computer configuration if you will need one.

  • Most new computers are not configured in an optimal manner.

  • Contact BGCS for new computer buying advice or to "optimize" your new computer - to keep it running better, longer.


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